Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Celebration a Success! Thanks everyone for coming and Full Tilt for hosting!

Winning Headlines 
Same flavor double scoop cones now legal in Washington State!  Next up Federal same-flavor marriage

Republican presidential candidates to spar in ice cream wrestling match to win nomination: speculation looms that Gingrich will eat the ice cream before the match

 I just got hit by a bucket of ice cream and I landed in Candyland

Winning Flavors
Mint/vanilla chip Oreo with m&ms and extra sugar and marshmallows

Salted caramel machiatto (salted caramel/coffee combo)

Dark chocolate salted almond

Winning Haikus

Ice cream for breakfast day
in columbia city
go on make my day

Ice cream at full tilt
we ate waffles with ice cream
what a perfect day