Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanks for making IEICFBD Seattle a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Full Tilt on Sunday to make IEICFBD such a great success!  Full Tilt was packed with friends and neighbors eating ice cream and waffles, exercising their creativity, and freezing their brains.  Congratulations to Matthew, Max, and Callysta, our winners!   Some of the winning entries are below.  Visit Full Tilt this week to take a look at all the entries, and stay tuned for photos and to learn which flavors will be appearing soon on the Full Tilt menu.

Limerick/Haiku winners

A cold winter day
bowl of ice cream, nuts, chocolate
drip down my shirt front

There once was a place called Full Tilt
Bellies and mouths it filled
With delicious ice cream
That made people sceam
How will I ever fit in my kilt

Icy cold eating
a waffle I am happy
jumping up and down

Ice cream headline winners
Egyptian protests for creamocracy turn cold as anti-Mubarochy Road sentiment flares

Clothing malfunction part II: Fergie's ice cream bikini melts in the hot texas sun at superbowl half-time show

Ice cream rains down on kids instead of kids raining down on ice cream

Keppler telescope discovers frozen planet: NASA suspects Ice Cream Planet

Ice Cream Flavor
There were so many good ones, here are just a few!  Stay tuned for flavors that will appear on the Full Tilt menu!

Brown Bear Berry: Chocolate with chocolate chips and northwest berries
Thaiphoon: Coconut milk and lemongrass topped with sweet peanut sauce Fluffernutter with chocolate swirl

Below is a photo from Elif and friends celebration in Cambridge MA, Elif says, "It was a great celebration and turnout ... about 30 people managed to finish 8 cartons of ice cream :-)